We are absolutely committed to the best interests of our users, which is why we are extremely serious about our obligation to provide our users with a safe, convenient, easy-to-navigate surfing experience on computers and smart devices.

The homepage of 2net.us contains the most popular sites used by Americans. Neither too overloaded nor too sparse, it has links to the most relevant topics, so that every subject of importance is only a single click away.

The homepage, built to be fast and easy to use, is meant to be the start page of every American using the internet. Why should people have to waste time searching for the sites they use daily if it is possible to simply click on them?

Private, Dynamic, and Useful Homepage

Your privacy is our number one concern. The 2net.us homepage does not gather any user data and maintains full privacy. The site uses third-party software – Google Analytics – only for the sake of statistics. Our site does not save your contact details after you contact us.

The site is dynamic, because our homepage team studies the needs of the American user and, in response, refreshes and improves the site continuously in order to provide a perfect environment for our target audience.

The site team is also intent on making the homepage as useful as possible to save users precious time and help them find everything they need in one place. The team does all it can to make the site an accessible, intuitive, and transparent platform for each and every user.